Version 2.4

  • The advance Enter Key Handler is now being introduced. It gives you complete freedom to configure the editor to generate or
    when the user uses both the [Enter] and [Shift]+[Enter] keys. The new "EnterMode" and "ShiftEnterMode" settings can be use to control its behavior. It also guarantees that all browsers will generate the same output.
  • The new and powerful Keyboard Accelerator System is being introduced. You can now precisely control the commands to execute when some key combinations are activated by the user. It guarantees that all browsers will have the same behavior regarding the shortcuts. It also makes it possible to remove buttons from the toolbar and still invoke their features by using the keyboard instead. It also blocks all default "CTRL based shortcuts" imposed by the browsers, so if you don't want users to underline text, just remove the CTRL+U combination from the keystrokes table. Take a look at the FCKConfig.Keystrokes setting in the fckconfig.js file.
  • The new "ProtectedTags" configuration option is being introduced. It will accept a list of tags (separated by a pipe "|"), which will have no effect during editing, but will still be part of the document DOM. This can be used mainly for non HTML standard, custom tags.
  • Dialog box commands can now open resizable dialogs (by setting oCommand.Resizable = true).
  • Updated support for AFP. Thanks to Soenke Freitag.
  • New language file:
    • Afrikaans (by Willem Petrus Botha).
  • New sample file showing how to dynamically exchange a textarea and an instance of FCKeditor. Thanks to Finn Hakansson
  • The content of anchors are shown and preserved on creation. *
  • Local links to an anchor are readjusted if the anchor changes.
  • New configuration values to specify the Id and Class for the body element.
  • The links created with the popup option now are accessible even if the user has JavaScript disabled.
  • The Paste from Word clean up function can be configured with FCKConfig.CleanWordKeepsStructure to preserve the markup as much as possible. Thanks Jean-Charles ROGEZ.
  • The server side script location for SpellerPages can now be set in the configuration file, by using the SpellerPagesServerScript setting.
  • Attention: All connectors are now pointing by default to the "/userfiles/" folder instead of "/UserFiles/" (case change). Also, the inner folders for each type (file, image, flash and media) are all lower-cased too.
  • Attention: The UseBROnCarriageReturn configuration is not anymore valid. The EnterMode setting can now be used to precisely set the enter key behavior.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Shortcut keys are now undoable correctly.
  • Toolbar buttons now update their state on shortcut keys activation.
  • It is now possible to precisely control which shortcut keys can be used.
  • Paste was not working in IE if both AutoDetectPasteFromWord and ForcePasteAsPlainText settings were set to "false".
  • The context menu was wrongly positioned if the editing document was set to render in strict mode. Thanks to Alfonso Martinez.
  • IE was getting locked on some specific cases. Fixed.
  • Firefox' spellchecker is now disabled during editing mode. Thanks to Alfonso Martinez.
  • Fixed Safari and Opera detection system (for development purposes only).
  • Paste from Notepad was including font information in IE. Fixed.
  • When replacing text area, names with spaces are now accepted.
  • Depending on the implementation of toolbar combos (mainly for custom plugins) the editor area was loosing the focus when clicking in the combo label. Fixed.
  • InsertHtml() was inserting the HTML outside the editor area on some very specific cases.
  • On very specific, rare and strange cases, the XHTML processor was not working properly in IE. Fixed.
  • In Firefox, the style selector will not anymore delete the contents when removing styles on specific cases.
  • The "Insert/Edit Link" and "Select All" buttons are now working properly when the editor is running on a IE Modal dialog.
  • On some very rare cases, IE was throwing a memory error when hiding the context menus. Fixed.
  • With Firefox, tags defined in the source are now preserved.
  • The IE dialog system has been changed to better work with custom dialogs.
  • The table dialog was producing empty tags when leaving some of its fields empty.
  • HTML entities are now processed on attribute values too.
  • Meta tags are now protected from execution during editing (avoiding the "redirect" meta to be activated).
  • Firefox internals: styleWithCSS is used instead of the deprecated useCSS whenever possible.
  • All JavaScript Core extension function have been renamed to "PascalCase" (some were in "camelCase"). This may have impact on plugins that use any of those functions.
  • Operations in the caption of tables are now working correctly in both browsers.
  • Small interface fixes to the about box.
  • Link creation failed in Firefox 3 alpha. Thanks to Arpad Borsos
  • Unneeded call to captureEvents and releaseEvents.
  • On some specific situations, the call to form.submit(), in form were FCKeditor has been unloaded by code, was throwing the "Can't execute code from a freed script" error.
  • If the configuration was missing the FCKConfig.AdditionalNumericEntities entry an error appeared.
  • Cleaning of JavaScript strict warnings in the source code.
  • The ol/ul list property window always searched first for a UL element.
  • Class attribute in IE wasn't loaded in the image dialog.
  • The "OnAfterSetHTML" event is now fired when being/switching to Source View.
  • Elements' style properties are now forced to lowercase in IE.
  • The extensions "html", "htm" and "asis" have been added to the list of denied extensions on upload.
  • Empty inline elements (like span and strong) will not be generated any more.
  • Some elements attributes (like hspace) where not being retrieved when set to "0".
  • Fix for the ColdFusion script file of SpellerPages.